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Biggest Myths About LASIK Surgery

Lasik Surgery in the Daytona Beach

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Lasik Surgery in the Daytona Beach Area

It’s not unusual to feel queasy about eye surgery – most people cringe a little when they consider anything invasive involving their eyes. Due to the pervasive myths that surround laser eye surgery and other kinds of refractive surgery its completely normal to be concerned.

So what’s real and worth worrying about, and what isn’t? Let’s take a look and separate the truth from fiction.

Laser Eye Surgery is still New And Developing, So Just Wait

While it is true that some laser eye surgeries are relatively new, that doesn’t mean that they lack safety or effectiveness. Multiple studies have examined Lasik surgery and found it to be very successful in over 96% of the time in getting patients 20/20 vision and found it to be safe and useful procedure for correcting nearsightedness.

Experts in the field have already started using it, and the FDA has tracked patient recovery data and concluded that it is safe for the public.

While it’s true that advancements in refractive surgery technology is being developed right, that is always the case. What’s important is that it already has an excellent track record, and is capable of correcting your nearsightedness right now. The procedure has many years of overwhelmingly positive results to supports its claims.

You will still need Glasses or Contacts Post-Procedure

There is a shred of truth to this, but it’s hardly the whole truth. In the FDA’s review of the procedure, 98.5% of the participants saw a significant improvement in their vision, and 93% of the total pool had attained near-perfect vision.

More importantly, these gains weren’t temporary.

2.5% of the total pool saw a bit of worsening after a year’s time, but the rest of the patients’ vision either stayed as good as it had been a few months after the procedure or improved further.

Getting Lasik surgery won’t guarantee that you won’t need glasses in old age, but no existing treatment can stop the eventual decay of eyes. Lasik eye surgery offers a chance for excellent long-term vision improvement.

It's not Permanent, And Further Surgeries Will Be Necessary

There is actually some truth to this. There’s a risk with any laser eye surgery that enhancements are necessary due to the different ways that some patient eyes heal after the procedure.

While performing a second procedure wouldn’t be a good answer to correct the eye again, in the unlikely condition that further enhancements are necessary, other laser eye surgeries are better candidates for refining the shape of the cornea and putting the finishing touches on a correction attempt.

However, after correction has been achieved, results last into old age. While laser eye surgery can’t stop the hardening of eyes from age, the shape of the cornea will remain, so your vision will still be better off than if you hadn’t gotten the surgery.

If you’re curious about exploring Lasik Surgery in the Daytona Beach Area and wondering if its a good option for you, please contact Precision Eye Institute for a consultation.

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