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Advanced Surface Ablation Procedure

The outcomes of Advanced Surface Ablation are comparable to LASIK with significant vision improvement reducing or eliminating the need for glasses and contacts.


Advanced Surface Ablation ASA is an ideal alternative for patients who are not candidates for LASIK procedure. The ASA procedure offers exceptional vision improvement and is minimally invasive. ASA differs from LASIK because a corneal flap is not created.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)


The Precision Eye Institute now offers Advanced Surface Ablation Eye Procedure in New Smyrna Beach. This is a permanent laser vision correction procedure in which the epithelium (top layer of the cornea) is removed. An excimer laser is then applied to the surface to reshape the cornea, correcting refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. 

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)


A soft contact lens is placed on the eye as a bandage and should remain in place for 3 to 4 days to allow the epithelium to regenerate. Eye drops will be prescribed to prevent infection and keep the eyes moist. A pain medication will also be prescribed as patients typically will experience mild to moderate discomfort and light sensitivity during the 3-5 day healing time in which preservative-free tears and prescription or over-the-counter pain reliever can be used. You will be seen three days after your procedure and again on the 4th post operative day.

Most patients will notice improved vision within the first few days after surgery with best results developing within 6-8 weeks.

More Information

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks involved. Risks associated with ASA include infection, sensitivity to light, and under or over correction. These risks are considered rare and can be further reduced by choosing a surgeon with proven experience and history of success.

For more information on Advanced Surface Ablation Eye Procedure in New Smyrna Beach and other eye procedures please contact the Precision Eye Institute with offices in New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater Florida.

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